Virtual Savannah Modules

Virtual Savannah Modules

Sapelo Island – Red Pea Project

In this video, viewers will learn the history of the Gullah-Geechee people, their connection to West Africa and how the residents are saving their community through the Red Pea Project.

Sapelo Island – Basket Weaving

Sweetgrass basket weaving is one of the long-held traditions of Gullah-Geechee descendants. In this video, viewers can see the talent of basket weaving and its ties to West African traditions.

Sapelo Island – History & Traditions

In this video, viewers will learn about the traditions and gifts of Sapelo residents and how these talents have been passed along for hundreds of years and can be traced to their West African ancestors.

Sapelo Island – History & Land Tax Crisis

Geechee residents have been landowners on Sapelo since this end of the Civil War. In this video, viewers will learn about the challenges in preserving land ownership. Viewers will also witness the role of government in enforcing policies and its bearing on equity in the Sapelo community.

Sapelo Island – Gullah Language & Food

In this video, Mrs. Fran Drayton, formerly one of the oldest living residence of Sapelo Island, recalls Island history, shares memories of traditional food and expounds on the Gullah-Geechee language.

Savannah – Secret Schools

Enslaved people in the Americas brought with them their religion and an emphasis on education and learning. In order to maintain this standard, secret schools were established in Savannah. In this video, viewers will discover how learning took place among enslaved individuals despite its illegal status.

Savannah – Weeping Time

The Weeping Time is one of the largest slave auctions in American history. In 1859 the enslaver, Pierce Butler, marched over 400 enslaved people/families to Savannah from Darien, Ga to be sold, separated to settle the debts of Butler. 

Savannah – Yamacraw

Yamacraw is a Savannah, GA community that was once a thriving, artistice neighborhood reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance. Through a variety of policies and outside influence, Yamacraw has been reduced to public housing community. In this video viewers will learn about the rich stories, heritage and historical figures that came from Yamacraw.

Savannah – Haitian Monument

During the Revolutionary War, free men of color from Santo Dominica (current day Haiti) fought at the siege of Savannah. In this video, viewers will learn the role of Haitian allies (freemen of color), their purpose in Savannah, GA and how their participation sparked the Haitian Revolution.