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Nobis Project is a non-profit educational organization, founded in 2008, whose mission is to inspire purpose, pivot mindset, and activate agency. Nobis Project supports and collaborates with educators in developing community engagement experiences that prepare student leaders to create a more just, sustainable, and equitable world.

What We Do

Global Experiences

Through self-reflection, cultural immersion and critical service-learning, participants learn how to build reciprocal community partnerships, challenge inequity and oppression, and become informed, caring, global citizens.

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Workshops & Consulting

Customized services tailored to meet the needs of educators, schools, administrators and community leaders looking to enhance their approach to ethical community engagement practices; teaching about structural inequality; implementing critical service-learning; and embedding critical reflection.

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Educators, scholars, and community partners come together to develop and pilot educational materials and civic engagement and social justice programs for classroom and community use. Nobis Project then freely shares these resources.

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Experience Nobis World Field Study


“The whole Nobis World experience truly changed my life, thank you for providing me the opportunity.”

“There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie, learning, communicating, and sense of accomplishment in responding to what our community partner needed.” 

“I rediscovered the power of connection across difference.”

“I could not envision the amount of knowledge, dialogue, friendships that developed in 8 days. Thank you for providing a safe, valuable, space to learn, grow, and explore.”

Recent Blog Articles

Looking For A Way To Make A Difference? We Have Two Recommendations

By Christen Higgins Clougherty, Nobis Project Founder & Executive Director - Like many people these days, I have a thunderstorm in my head and a flooding in my heart. So many elements of the world feel like they’re unraveling. We’re caught in a tidal wave, rushing...

Moving Towards Action – Next Steps for Racial Justice

By Josiah “Jazz” Watts, Nobis Project facilitator - On February 23rd, 2020, an unarmed Black man was murdered while jogging in a neighborhood local to his home in Brunswick, GA. His name was Ahmaud Arbery and he was a Sapelo Island descendent, a son, a brother, a...

Conversations of Racial Injustice – Student Leaders Act at Brooklyn Friends School

By Emma Balsam, Nobis Project Intern - Earlier this year, 11th grade students at Brooklyn Friends School (BFS) in Brooklyn, NY embarked on a Nobis Project field experience titled “Race, Power, and the Preservation of African-American History & Gullah-Geechee...

Disruption As Opportunity: COVID-19 Creates A Call To Action

In times of uncertainty humans respond in different ways. Some people shut down out of fear, while others ignite and charge forward.

Diaper Mountain – For Parents Who Experience Homelessness

By Alexandra (Alex) Zinnes, MS, RYT, TEFL, Nobis Project Facilitator - Less than a tenth of a miles from our school is Our House http://www.ourhousega.org/, a childcare and support center serving families who experience homelessness.  Everyday, over 80 kids ages 6...

Nobis World – Dominican Republic: Day Eight July 20, 2016

By Jenni Arcieri Today the NOBIS World Dominican Republic team of 2016 said our goodbyes, many of us with a tear in our eyes. At breakfast we were joined by Patricia, Mariposa's director, who continued to share stories and plans about the girls at the center. It seems...

Nobis World – Dominican Republic: Day Seven July 19, 2016

By Rebecca Timus I can't believe this trip is almost over! This has been an amazing experience for me as an educator, person, and specifically as a woman. Today we went to visit the Mariposa center again to observe the teachers, spend time with the students and to...

Nobis World – Dominican Republic: Day Six July 18, 2016

By Krista Moody Today we started the day by heading to the Mariposa Center.  We gathered for a bit and then went on a driving tour of a few schools in Cabarete and a walking tour of Callejón with Tricia.  We were able to visit the private school in the...

Nobis World – Dominican Republic: Day Five July 17, 2016

By Jessica Lynch On Day 5 we went on a beautiful boat trip to the Rio Boca river area. The river was named the Yessica River. Prior to getting on the boat, we checked out some of the local trees, plants, and animals. Particularly memorable, the crocodile!! After...

Nobis World – Dominican Republic: Day Four July 16, 2016

By Tricia Crowley Today was our day to travel to the country to see Freddie's family cocoa farm. We left the Hummingbird Hotel after breakfast and took the gua-gua to his farm in Rio San Juan - about an hour outside of Cabarete. On the bus with us was a group from the...

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Ethical Global Engagement: Envisioning A New Approach to Travel

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If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.

–Australian Aboriginal Activist

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