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by | Jan 1, 2012 | Blog

Hi, my name is Alex Shimalla and I’m currently a high school sophomore in Savannah, GA working with the Nobis Project. Considering you were able to find this website, you probably already know that the Nobis Project is an educational non-profit organization that supports youth, educational leaders, and community organizations in building skills to analyze issues that impact our society and take actions towards initiating positive change.

As an intern of Nobis Project I have been tasked with creating a database of videos depicting social issues and ways in which individuals, or groups, have worked to make a difference in the world, and the major influence they were able to make on a single village, community, or nation. In this blog I will review the videos and offer you a student perspective on the subject matter and overall quality of the film. I hope this blog will be useful to:

  • Teachers looking for teaching aids to support lessons in subject areas ranging from social studies, science, math, english, history, the visual and performing arts, and many more
  • Students in middle and high school interested in learning more about how to make a difference in the world (or who are working on class research), and the ease at which they can make this difference
  • Community Leaders, such as leaders of Boy or Girl Scout troops, youth groups, 4H Clubs, Boys and Girls Clubs, afterschool programs, and many more to be inspired to think of projects of their own

I plan to post a new review every month. So, check back frequently and read a new review. I hope that my readers will benefit from my perceptive and I encourage you all to watch these films and witness what others have done to help a community and, hopefully, be inspired to do the same.

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