Try Being Friendly

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Blog

Film Title: Carly

Company: UNHCR—The UN Refugee Agency

Age Range: Elementary School and Middle School

Does not include Teaching Materials

Topic: Racism and Human Rights

Subject Areas: Human rights, Nationalism, Racism, Immigration, Persecution and War, Government, Social Studies, History, Freedom

Film Synopsis: Cartoon video about a young girl’s journey as a refugee.

Running Time and Sections: 1 video—7 minutes

Alex’s Review:

            This is a great video to show the younger grades because the message is so simple and easy to understand. The character, Carly, has to flee from her home because of a war and ends up walking all around the country trying to find somewhere to live. However, in each place that she stops and asks for a place to eat and sleep, she is cast aside. Carly continually thinks, “They don’t like me because I’m different from them,” and so forth. The point of the video is to give people that are not refugees, and would never know what that feels like, a comparison to see what refugees have to go through. No one will accept them, help them, or understand their position, and instead say that we cannot help them. All these people need is a friend when they come into a new country, especially the young children who do not understand what is going on. There is always an opportunity to be a “Mr.  or Ms. Friendly.”