Seeing the World for the First Time

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Blog

“In a way we are always traveling. It’s only that as the scenery becomes familiar we cease to give it the attention and gaping awe that was once bestowed upon it in heaping armfuls. We travel so that when we return “home” we can see ourselves in a new light, with new clarity, and with new questions.”
– Christen Clougherty, Nobis Project Founder and Executive Director

The Nobis Project is an educational non-profit organization based out of Savannah, GA but with a reach across the world. Our mission is to support youth, educational and community leaders in building skills to analyze issues that impact our society and take actions towards initiating positive change.

This summer we launched a new program, Nobis World, a professional development program for K-12 teachers to travel domestically or abroad to experience cultures different from their own. The goal of the Nobis World program is to expand teachers’ knowledge and experiences and, in turn, enrich their students’ learning and global awareness.

We have decided to share our experiences, our learning, and our hopes through this Nobis World blog. Here we will showcase highlights from our travels, the connections we bring back into our classrooms, and resources for educators to learn more about the various Nobis World program themes.

We hope that you will follow our blog and that the stories shared here about transformation, social justice, and our shared humanity will inspire you to travel with Nobis World and experience the power of “returning home” and seeing the world again for the first time.