Savannah – Yamacraw


Yamacraw is a Savannah, GA community that was once a thriving, artistic neighborhood reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance. Through a variety of policies and outside influence, Yamacraw has been reduced to public housing community. In this video viewers will learn about the rich stories, heritage and historical figures that came from Yamacraw.

Critical Reflection Questions & Activities


Pre Video Questions

Nobis Big Ideas

What is significant or special about your community? Where you live? Or where you grew up? History
Cultural Responsiveness
How do you define culture? History
Cultural Responsiveness
How do you define cultural capital? History
Cultural Responsiveness
What happens when people are denied access to their culture? History
Cultural Responsiveness


Post Video Questions

Nobis Big Ideas

How does this narrative shift the story about black home ownership and black-owned businesses? History
How does this story explain neighborhood racial segregation? History
What new information did you receive about this period of American history? History
In your own words, how would you summarize the value of mimicking the plantation for public housing? Power
Who has power (power over, power with, power within) in this situation? Power
How do they derive and maintain that power? Power
Who’s opportunities are limited? How? Power
How do people with power disparities interact? Power
What are the dominant narratives of our local community? What are the collective histories? What are the dominant narratives of the content we’re choosing to share? And what content or choices support or question the narrative being told? History
What policies reinforce this situation? Who created those policies? What are the opportunities or barriers to changing them? History
Who controls the financial resources? How were those resources derived? History
What determines who fits into a group or community? Do some people identify with multiple groups? History
What historical events or relationships contribute to this narrative? History
What is the result of telling only one-side of a community’s story? Relationships
What words are we using to reinforce or to undermine the power structure? Power
What cultural aspects are on display or reinforced in this situation? Cultural Responsiveness
What is the dominant narrative? History
How can the dominant narrative be challenged? History
How can you be empowered or empower others to discover the historical narratives in your community? How can you have honest and courageous conversations with community members? History
Global Citizenship

How is land relationship connected to identity and what narratives are supported in this module in regards:

  • Land use
  • Abuse
  • Appropriation
  • Incorporation
  • Reparation



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