“In Plain Sight”

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Blog


In Plain Sight

Company: WITNESS and Amnesty International USA

Age Range: High School

Includes Teaching Materials

Topic: Human Rights

Film Synopsis: Seeks to bring human rights issues and global stories into the classroom through hands-on activities and learning; involves the creation of human rights-based educational materials for six videos co-produced by locally based organizations and WITNESS.

Running Time and Sections:  6 different sections—total of 98 minutes

Alex’s Review:

Although the subtitles get slightly annoying, the point of the DVD is clear: there are issues in this world that people need to become aware of, such as the struggle for human rights in many countries. This DVD comes with six individual films that cover various topics, ranging from child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to women changing Afghanistan to the “War on Terror.” In Plain Sight allows educators to show young people the problems that our world faces and to develop solutions and get the youth more involved. The DVD also comes with a supporting curriculum program for educators to use in the classroom in conjunction with the films.

Americans are truly blessed to live in a country where there is no civil war, where women and men of all races are considered equal, where children are given an education, where we are all free, and it is time we start recognizing these blessings.