Helping Refugees One Country at a Time

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Blog

Film Title: Working with Refugees

Company:  UNHCR

Age Range:  High School

Does NOT Include Teaching Materials

Topic: Racism and Human Rights

Subject Areas: Human rights, Nationalism, Racism, Immigration, Persecution and War, Government, Social Studies, History, Freedom

Film Synopsis:  Film that details the founding and mission of UNHCR, a refugees’ process to a sense of freedom, and what burdens are placed on women and children.

Running Time and Sections:  4 programs—about 20 minutes

Alex’s Review:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was founded in 1951 following World War 2 in an effort to help all the people displaced as a result of the war’s turmoil. UNHCR was created to help protect the basic rights of all the highly vulnerable people who had been stripped of everything. I know that many people, like myself, are deeply touched by the stories of refugee people, and yet feel that they cannot do much. Through the UNHCR people can trust that this is an organization dedicated to helping others in ways that ordinary citizens can’t. The film details the beginning of the UNHCR and what they do for refugees, also describing a few specific events. After relocating refugees, the UNHCR gives the people the three Durable Solution options which are efforts to reintegrate these people into normal life. They can return to their home country after it is deemed safe, complete the process of citizenship to become citizens of their asylum country, or resettle in a new country. Each option allows the refugee to begin a new life, even if they return to their home country. However, whatever their choice, their lives have been forever changed, and the UNHCR will continue to protect them and help them.

1951 UN Refugee Convention

1951 UN Refugee Convention