Anti-Racist Global History Think Tank

Virtual Think Tank

Why Anti-Racist Global History?

In an online educator list-serv a question was posted to see if others had resources to recommend for teaching anti-racist global history.  There was a strong response from other educators who had been looking too and who were finding very little out there. After a few virtual meetings, the group decided that there was enough momentum to hold a Think Tank this summer to see what we could create together. Nobis Project volunteered to coordinate the event.

We invite you to join us!


July 14  10 am-12 pm ET
July 21   2 pm – 4 pm ET
July 28   4 pm – 6 pm ET
*Attendance at all sessions is not required, join when you can!
Cost: Free

At this annual event we bring together highly innovative educators, scholars, designers, and community leaders for a multi-day workshop. During this year’s virtual workshop participants will develop content and resources materials focused on an anti-racist approach to teaching global history.

Think Tank participants will each have the chance to share about the challenges and successes as it relates to anti-racist global history:

  • Educators will share project examples from their classrooms.
  • Academic scholars will share about new research and trends in their fields.
  • Community leaders will share about the problems their communities face and the impact of the solution initiatives they are involved in.
  • Think Tank participants will then be led through a series of design thinking exercises in order to develop curriculum or resources.

Following the Think Tank participants are encouraged to continue to work together in developing and piloting materials.

“This is a great opportunity to work in collaboration with a diverse group of teachers to create civic engagement lessons and/or service learning projects that will empower students. It is an experience that will keep challenging you to make change no matter how much time has passed.”

Cindy Reyes

2nd grade teacher, San Antonio, TX