Join us this summer in one of our week long summer media camps!

At Nobis Project we believe the voices of our youth matter. And we know that when prepared with awareness and knowledge our voices have a greater impact.

Youth Voices In Action

Since 2010, Nobis Project has been on a mission to share digital media skills that will help our youth find their voice, tell their stories, and be active global citizens empowered to affect change in their lives, their communities and the world.

Program Goals

1. Provide a valuable, high quality, fun and hands on program for 6th-12th grade youth.

2. Foster personal and collaborative expression through digital media arts. 

3. Promote positive youth development through social and emotional competencies while building on strengths and discovering passions.

4. Increase media literacy, personal awareness and community and global connections.  

5. Develop valuable workplace readiness skills

Program Values


The Nobis Project’s digital media program is designed to inspire and motivate students while encouraging curiosity, creativity, and discovery in a fun and collaborative environment.


The institute encourages students to be aware of the world around them and to respect that everyone has their own beliefs and culture. The young people we bring together may not otherwise have an opportunity to connect. By sharing their stories and discussing possible solutions to difficult problems through diversity in thought, culture and voice the students complete a meaningful digital media project.


Participants are provided excellent opportunities to build on their strengths and discover passions while developing the confidence to communicate ideas through digital media. Each student takes ownership of their role in creating a unified message through collaboration and an understanding of what connects us.


As a team, participants work on a group media production that supports the Nobis Project’s commitment to promoting social issues that affect our community. Using a model that connects the individual to the world we are able to share skills and tools meant to foster an engaged citizen.

View past Nobis Project Digital Media Institute films

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