Nobis World is an exciting professional development opportunity for educators to travel, domestically or abroad, to cultures different from their own. The goal of the program is to expand teachers' knowledge and experiences and in turn enrich their students' learning and global awareness. As part of these group excursions, teachers will be immersed in another culture, engaged in service-learning with a local organization, and trained by Nobis Project on how to integrate their experience into globally relevant lessons for their classrooms.

“I thought this might be a life-changing experience … and I was right!! This trip is the missing piece for so many educators today. It provided the space to talk about issues of race, power, privilege, and cultural awareness that doesn’t often happen in schools.”
– Sarah Coste, Math Coordinator, The Potomac School, McLean, VA

Summer 2020 Locations
In Summer 2020, Nobis World participants can learn how to create more culturally responsive and globally relevant classrooms by traveling to Savannah, GA & The Lowcountry for an experience of a lifetime. This summer we will also host our bi-annual Think Tank in Trinidad.

Global Connections for Your Classroom

The global connections teachers establish during the program will continue long after they return home, with ongoing support provided by Nobis Project. Teachers and the host communities have the mutual benefit of being able to continue a collaborative and reciprocal relationship. Specifically, teachers can use technology and the Nobis Global Action Model to introduce their students to the international community and students can then develop ways to continue the partnership. 

Training in The Nobis Global Action Service-Learning Model

In our increasingly globalized society, young people need an education that prepares them to become informed, active, and responsible global citizens. Nobis World is designed to help prepare educators to meet this goal. All Nobis World programs include training in the Nobis Global Action service-learning model. This researched and teacher-tested model helps teachers in preparing students for globally relevant civic engagement, including using technology and building students’ 21st Century Skills. 

The Nobis Global Action Model is helpful for schools with large immigrant populations, in racially or economically diverse schools, and in more homogeneous student populations to expose students to the value of learning from different perspectives. This model provides a framework for teaching 21st Century Skills, meets Common Core standards, enhances critical thinking and is appropriate for students K-12.


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Next year we will add an additional location. If you have a recommendation for a location or are a seasoned international service-learning facilitator and interested in co-leading a program, contact us at info@nobisproject.org.


If your organization or school is interested in providing a travel program for your members and/or faculty, please contact us and we can create a custom Nobis World program for your group.


Image Courtesy of Lisa Cowles
"The whole Nobis World experience truly changed my life, thank you for providing me the opportunity."
- Emine Sharma, Elementary Teacher, Detroit, MI